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Goethe Institut, Renovation of Entrance, Cafeteria and Fire Protection

The site of the Goethe Institut was acquired in 1908 for the construction of the German School building, which was installed there in 1910. After many changes during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, the German Cultural Institute, which later became the Goethe Institut of Madrid, moved there in 1970.

The Goethe Institut has been the object of numerous actions, all of them aimed at the adaptation of its facilities to its function as an educational and cultural centre.

In one of the former ones, in addition to the resolution of the accessibility to the centre and other works on the facades, a first adaptation of the building to the Fire Protection regulations, were undertaken.

The purpose of our work was the realisation of the requirements from the Auswärtiges Amt, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, for the adaptation of the Fire Protection inclusive Smoke Protection of all the evacuation routes of the Goethe Institut headquarters building in Madrid.

In the course of this project, the reception of the Goethe-Institut was redesigned and adapted to nowaday's standards. The internet café to the left of the entrance became modernized as well as the former exhibition area, which became converted to the newly designed registration office.


Madrid, Spain


Goethe Institut Madrid


New Reception and Fire Protection





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