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Single Family Home

The site lies between two streets, characterized by a steep drop from one street to the next. The house, elongated in shape and surrounded by existing vegetation is separated into three pavilions with joining paths, conserving the larger trees in order to maintain the charm of the site and using the different heights to its favour.


La Berzosa, Spain









Texto Palcio de Deportrs

The project for the construction of a single-family house between Calles Del Río Sella 110 and Cares 11, in La Berzosa, belongs to the Municipality of Hoyo de Manzanares. Madrid.


The site, eminently rectangular, has an irregular topography, with innumerable rocks and abundant vegetation and with an important slope at the southern end of the plot that reaches a drop of five meters precisely towards the street Cares. 

Our goal was to preserve the special features of the site, such as rock formations and existing trees, and to " convert " them accordingly.


The building is supported by a stone wall parallel to the north-south axis, facing east, set 6 meters from the boundary. Each of the volumes manifests itself not only through the turns but also through the use of different cladding materials: stone, wood, plastering, ... The structure is mixed, with load-bearing walls of brick or concrete masonry and pillars. The covering is slate, with one water in each volume and all of them curved.


The house is situated at the top of the site and is developed mainly on one level. On this level there are three volumes, one of which is destined for the children's bedrooms and is south-facing; the second contains the living areas: the living room, kitchen and dining room and the third is a guest area, designed to accommodate guests and give them a certain degree of independence. The three volumes are connected and articulated along a north-south axis.


At the southern end of this axis, there is a spiral staircase that connects this main level with the study level and a third one, the semi-basement garage, taking advantage of the slope of the land and therefore semi-buried, its level is almost one meter below ground level.


On the other extreme, from the dining area with a double-height, a straight staircase leads to an open gallery with a small library. Above the living room is the master bedroom, with its dressing-room and bathroom.


From the open gallery, you have a fantastic view of the guest area and the bridge, connecting it to the main space.


Open spaces and views which even consider the incidence of light are interconnecting all areas, playing with the different shapes and volumes.

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